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Drywall Trapper

The Drywall Trapper was created in an effort to save time and money for electrical and audio/video contractors. Many homeowners want to add a light fixture or pair of speakers after the house is complete but cutting into a drywall ceiling is an extremely messy task. You must spread out huge sheets of plastic to cover the furniture but regardless of your efforts, fine dust particles still drift into adjacent rooms. It never fails, lifting up the plastic sheets after cutting drywall creates a small cloud of dust that spreads quickly. A lot of extra time is spent vacuuming and cleaning, not working.

The Drywall Trapper has changed all of that. Now you can be in and out of retrofit projects in a fraction of the time. Clean up is minimal and the result is a much happier client. Technicians also love it, since it keeps them neat and clean too.

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Drywall Trapper Collapsed


Collapsible design allows it to be stored easily in your truck or work bench.

Easy Assembly

Integrated frame makes the Drywall Trapper easy to assemble in seconds.

Durable Vinyl Window

The large window opening made of durable vinyl provides a clear view of your cutting area.

Solid Construction

Constructed with rugged Codura fabric and heavy duty stitching for years of use in the most challenging environments.

A smart solution for a messy job!

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"This thing really works! I cut in two pairs of speakers. First upstairs in a bedroom that was prewired. I was surprised how well the Drywall Trapper worked. I put down some blankets to catch the drywall pieces. I didn’t need to do that at all. The Trapper caught all the dust and debris. Then I cut in another pair of speakers in the Kitchen and didn’t even put down a blanket this time. There was virtually no clean up except where I put down the drywall knife on the counter."

DIY Homeowner – Tampa, FL