• Drywall Trapper with Cuff

    The smart solution for cutting into a drywall ceiling.

  • Keep the dust and debris where it belongs.

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Clean and Efficient

Cutting into a drywall ceiling can be a very messy task. Designed for electricians,
A/V technicians and security contractors, the Drywall Trapper is an innovative device to
keep dust and debris out of your eyes, face, mouth and off client’s furniture. Problem solved.

Without the Drywall Trapper

No Drywall Trapper

Without the Drywall Trapper, debris and fine drywall spreads like a virus. It ends up on the floor or carpet, the bottom of your shoes, in your hair and on your clothes.

Fine Drywall Dust


Even with drop cloths, fine drywall dust can float into the surrounding area making cleanup a chore.

Using Drywall Trapper

Drywall Trapper

Catch the fine dust and debris BEFORE it has a chance to spread.

No Dust When Using the Drywall Trapper

No Dust

No need to remove items off shelves, end tables and bookcases to cover with drop cloths. The Drywall Trapper will save you time and money.


  • Traps the fine particles and large pieces while working overhead.
  • Heavy duty vinyl provides a clear viewport to the cutting area.
  • Large enough to cut holes for large speakers and light fixtures.
  • Rugged construction for the most challenging environments.

Watch the product demonstration by founder James Coleman

"The Drywall Trapper saves me a lot of time. I used to try to cut very slowly and try to catch the dust in a cardboard box. Dust got in my eyes and mouth no matter what I tried until I got the Drywall Trapper. Now cutting into the ceiling is a breeze. The bin is large enough to catch a lot of blown in isolation that rains down once the hole is cut."

AV Contractor – Naples, FL

Now sold exclusively at Rack-A-Tiers.com

A smart solution for a messy job!

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Eliminate the Staging.

Without the Drywall Trapper
Using the Drywall Trapper
Drywall Trapper Collapsed


Collapsible design allows it to be stored easily in your truck or work bench.

Easy Assembly

Integrated frame makes the Drywall Trapper easy to assemble in seconds.

Durable Vinyl Window

The large window opening made of durable vinyl provides a clear view of your cutting area.

Solid Construction

Constructed with rugged Codura fabric and heavy duty stitching for years of use in the most challenging environments.